Frida: I'll be 70, time to do other things than music.

Dan Daniell and former ABBA singer Frida present new song
The Swiss singer and the Norwegian world-star collaborate in the official song for the 150th anniversary of the legendary first ascent of the Matterhorn. It is a story of heroism and tragedy: On July 14th 1865 the British mountaineer Edward Whymper was the first man to reach the top of the Swiss mountain the Matterhorn. But on the way down four of the seven men in his team lost their lives. The dramatic events surrounding the first ascent are legendary and introduced Zermatt – a small village at the bottom of the mountain – to the world. They also mark the beginning of modern alpinism and subsequently made Zermatt a famous ski resort. 
The 150th anniversary will be celebrated with a series of festivities and events in 2015. Zermatt’s own Urs Biner presents the official song for the jubilee, “1865”. The owner of the gourmet restaurant “Chez Heini” is a renowned cook, author of several books, and a singer. He performs under the moniker Dan Daniell and has recorded several albums over the last twenty-five years. He sings the song together with a world-star: Anni-Frid „Frida“ Lyngstad, former member of the legendary Swedish pop group ABBA. “Of course it’s a dream come true”, says Dan, “she could sing with the biggest stars in the world, but she has chosen to sing with me – that’s quite an honour.” 
The song captures the drama of the chase to the top of the Matterhorn with a hymn-like song and very emotional lyrics – it is indeed the perfect soundtrack for an anniversary that will echo around the world.“I will be 70 next year, that’s a good time to do things other than music”, Frida explains, “but I enjoyed being part of this. Though the story is very tragic, Edward Whymper and people like him fascinate me. Their message seems to be that if you never try anything you will never achieve anything. I identify with that in a strong way. When I was a child I was very shy – looking back I am amazed at the courage I had to perform all the singing competitions I took part in until I played in my first band. I simply knew I wanted to sing – in a way, music was my saviour.” The rest is history: Frida joined ABBA and became one of the most famous singers of all time. But she has another reason to sing on “1865”. All proceeds of the sales go to Fridas and Dans’ foundation “Kinder in Not” (“Children in need”). The foundation gives money to small-scale projects in Switzerland that support children in need. 
Frida has been living in Zermatt since her husband, Ruzzo Reuss von Plauen, died in 1999. „In Zermatt I found my solitude in a different way because I became part of a community that took me to its heart just like I took it to my heart. I am what people call a celebrity – I have been talked about and gossiped and written about. People may recognize me here but my past isn’t important. That’s very liberating to me.” The world star and the creative cook, the anniversary and the legendary tale, the song and the foundation: good ingredients for a project that will receive an echo not only from the ABBA-community but also around the world.

Worldwide digital release: Febr 13th
In stores (Germany, Austria, Switzerland): Febr, 13th
Frida & Dan Daniell für Kinder
Spendenkonto/ Account for Donations
CH61 8049 6000 0066 7976 7
3920 Zermatt
Stichwort/ Cue: 1865Hymne

(Thanks to Dan Daniell for the press release )


Nice behind the scenes shot of Agnetha (with her bodyguard wearing Agnetha's other coat)

Agnetha during the filming of her 'A for Agnetha TV special, while singing 'Just One Heart'
Thanks to Kitty!


Nice unknown recent picture of Agnetha? Not!

Via one of our loyal readers we got this very nice picture of Agnetha. We never saw it before. The general thought is that this is not Agnetha but a photoshopped picture. If true we think it is nicely done, but uncalled for. 


Agnetha's German pre-ABBA singles available again

Through the years Agnetha's singles which she released in Germany, all sung in the German language are hard to find. We recently found out that a fan (not us!) is selling very nice fan-cd's made of these eight singles. So grab a copy if you have been searching for this material, while you can. Click here: Ebay