Finally released: "I'm Still Alive"

I was a loser then
But I'm a winner now
I'd do it all again
Cause now I know how
How everything in life comes down to this
Surviivin' and living'
Determined not to give in

I'm still alive
My life is rollin' on
Gently from day to day
Memories will fade away,yes
I'm still alive
The agony has gone
Since my mind is slowly wakin'
And my heart has ceased its achin'

I took so many blows
I cried a sea of tears
And only heavens knows
How could I stand the fears
I think of all the nights I lay alone and scared
All shattered and cryin'
And thinkin' I was dyin'
(repeat chorus)


Finally the ABBAForum stopped!

Is the ABBAforum 'ABBA4ever' which was started up by a few fans 8 years ago forced to stop its activities due to the many copyright issues that the forum has to endure? 

Now that the forces that matter found out that many demo's from ABBA were leaked onto the forum and no action was taken by the moderators, the forum is closing down. This is a blessing since many true fans were already more than fed up with the 'rules' of the forum. (a forum that had no problem with allowing illegal material to be shared but had its moderators not allowing freedom of speech when it did not suit there personal views or benefits.) The forum has seen a decreasing number of active members since a majority was kicked off in favor of a hand full of preconceived fans. From October onwards that all will be history! 

Scoop: Benny speaks to Dutch journalist today.. and this is what he has to say...

According to the Dutch journalist that sproke to Benny today, "Just Like That" by ABBA will NOT be officially released. Benny is quite clear that he does not want the song to be out. The ultimate version has been released by Gemini, fans can listen to that. 

Benny said that he does feel Agnetha should record her own music and would be willing to help, if Agnetha would ask him. But she has not asked him, he said with a smile. According to Benny chances are that Agnetha will record more music in the future "Why not, she still has a great voice", he said. Frida has no plans to record again.

Benny looks forward to the release of 'his' film and sees himself create a new musical in the future. He works in the studio every day.  Obviously ABBA is a thing of the past, but Benny realizes Universal will do anything to keep ABBA alive. "We will see what happens, but I do not think we will ever release unreleased material again as there is very little left to release  that we are willing to share."

The full interview will be published in a new Book about ABBA packed with interviews and really rare images which will be released in the BeNeLux next year. 

Snippets of the interview will be printed in de Volkskrant newspaper at the time of the release of 'ABBA Live at wembley Arena'. 

GRACIAS POR LA MUSICA to be released as a Deluxe edition

Gracias por la música Deluxe Edition – ABBA’s Spanish recordings on CD and DVD
The celebrations of ABBA’s 40th Anniversary year of 2014 continue with the latest release in the acclaimed ABBA Deluxe Edition series. In April of this year, Waterloo Deluxe Edition was released, attracting 4-star reviews in the music press, and in November, ABBA’s Spanish-language 1980 album Gracias por la música will receive the Deluxe Edition treatment. The original album has been expanded with 5 bonus tracks, plus a 40-minute DVD featuring vintage promo clips and previously unreleased television material. Gracias por la música Deluxe Edition will be released November 10, 2014.
ABBA’s Spanish adventure began in 1979, when it was suggested that the group should record a Spanish-language version of their latest hit single, ‘Chiquitita’. This was in order to facilitate a breakthrough in Latin America, where ABBA hadn’t yet achieved success on the level of the Abbamania that gripped the rest of the world. The results of this single release were astounding: ‘Chiquitita’ rushed to the top of the charts all over Latin America, and became the biggest hit in 25 years in this part of the world.
In 1980, an entire album of Spanish-language ABBA songs was recorded. Appropriately entitled Gracias por la música (“Thank You For The Music”), this also became a huge hit – even entering the charts in the not-very-Spanish-speaking Japan! Since then, ABBA have been consistently popular in Latin America.
The first disc in the 2-disc Deluxe Edition of Gracias por la música is a CD, which features the original album plus five bonus tracks. The bonus selections are the remaining Spanish tracks recorded by ABBA, four of which were originally included on the albums Super Trouper and The Visitors in Spanish-language territories. The DVD features the five official promo clips ABBA did for ‘Estoy soñando’ (“I Have A Dream”), ‘Conociéndome, conociéndote’ (“Knowing Me, Knowing You”), ‘Gracias por la música’ (“Thank You For The Music”), ‘Felicidad’ (“Happy New Year”) and ‘No hay a quien culpar’ (“When All Is Said And Done”). Additionally, there are three previously unreleased TV items: two performances of ‘Chiquitita’ from 1979, plus a 1980 interview with the group made for Spanish TV, which also features a unique – in every sense of the word – performance of ‘¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame!’ (“Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! [A Man After Midnight]”).
The package also includes a 20-page illustrated booklet featuring a personal greeting from Frida, as well as an essay on the making of the album. The essay includes brand new insights from Buddy & Mary McCluskey, who instigated the Spanish-language recordings and wrote the Spanish lyrics for ABBA, and Ana Martinez del Valle, who coached Agnetha and Frida in the studio. In the booklet, Frida’s greeting and the essay are featured in both Spanish and English.
Don’t miss out on this unique celebration of an often overlooked part of ABBA’s glorious career!
Disc 01, CD:
1.  Gracias por la música
– Thank You For The Music –
2.  Reina danzante
– Dancing Queen –
3.  Al andar
– Move On –
4.  ¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame!
– Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) –
5.  Fernando
6.  Estoy soñando
– I Have A Dream –
7.  Mamma mía
8.  Hasta mañana
9.  Conociéndome, conociéndote
– Knowing Me, Knowing You –
10. Chiquitita
Bonus tracks
11.  Ring ring
12.  Andante, andante
13.  Felicidad
– Happy New Year –
14.  No hay a quien culpar
– When All Is Said And Done –
15.  Se me está escapando
– Slipping Through My Fingers –
Disc 02, DVD:
1. Chiquitita (300 millones, TVE)
2. Chiquitita (Aplauso, TVE)
3. Estoy soñando (promo clip)
4. ABBA On Spanish TV (Especial Aplauso 100, TVE)
Conociéndome, conociéndote (promo clip)
Gracias por la música (promo clip)
¡Dame! ¡Dame! ¡Dame!
5. Felicidad (promo clip)
6. No hay a quien culpar (promo clip)
7. International Sleeve Gallery


Listen to a snippet of 'I'm Still Alive' ...

Please click the link below to listen to Agnetha's newly to be released song 'I'm Still Alive' from the ABBA album ' Live at Wembley Area'. Enjoy! To listen click here


Benny tries to persuade Agnetha to record new songs written by herself!

From various sides reports have reached us that Benny on numerous occasions has mentioned that he finds that Agnetha should compose her own material for her next album. It sounds to us that Benny would be willing to lend a helping hand!

In Expressen Agnetha's former ABBA colleague said: "I like her latest album, but I like the song she wrote herself most of all". Benny has tried to persuade Agnetha to record a new album with her own songs Expressen published today. When the 30 journalists yesterday gathered in Benny's studio on Skeppsholmen to listen to the upcoming live album "ABBA live at Wembley Arena" Benny said about Agnetha: "While Agnetha was here to listen to the live material, I told her to record her own songs, but she would not listen to me", said Benny with a mysterious smile. On the upcoming live album by ABBA, which is published on the 29th September, you can listen to a "new" recording of Agnetha.

On the album, there's the song "I'm Still Alive", a rarity that has remained unreleased all these years. "It's a good song actually. I think Agnetha wrote it specifically for the tour", said Benny since he played it up."
A preview playback of 35-year-old live material attracted journalists from England, Germany and Australia and is a proof that Abba is still hot news material overseas. 
"The basic idea for the new ABBA Live album was to keep everything as much as possible. Nothing has been changed or added afterwards, except the drum sound that was missing in one song."

In front of the international press Benny once again stated that a reunion of Abba will never happen. "We are all very proud of what we accomplished, and I was surprised by how good we sounded live when I listened to the old stuff, but we have no interest in being reunited and we have no unreleased songs left to give out."