Flashback meeting with Agnetha

By Peter Dahlgren.

In 1974 the members of ABBA lived in two townhouses in Vallentuna. One was shared by Anni-Frid and Benny the other Agnetha and Björn. I was interested in prog at that time, therefore, before I was not that interested in the pop gang. But behind the facade, I was enthusiastic.

Norrtelje Magazine editor who is no ABBA fan, said that managing editor who likes ABBA, wants a centerfold. Lots of pictures, that is. But the moderately engaged the editors do not think it is worth sending a photographer. I may shoot myself. A decision he would later regret. As a local editor, I had to take the photos although I was barely knowledgeable of how to handle an SLR. Most photos I took were rarely good and the sharpness was not really my thing. But my protests didn't help. One of the photographers at the newspaper advised me to use the flash which would improve the sharpness of the photos.

When I spoke to Agnetha on the phone my heart beat a little faster. She sounded so nice and invited me at her home to do the story. When she opened the door she smiled sweetly and apologized because the place was a little messy. Besides her French bulldog she was alone. Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid qre next door to put a riff(?). They will come later. 

I put the camera bag on the floor and sat down at the kitchen table. Agnetha offered me some tea. I asked about how she felt as well as a few others. She responds patiently while her dog snoops with his nose in my camera bag. I ask if I can take some pictures of her while waiting for the others to come. There is no problem. But, it becomes a problem when I discover what the dog has done. The cable to the important flash and one corner of a camera bag is chewed by the irritated disobedient dog.

Agnetha sits next to me on the floor, picking up her dog and says "Fy". She cuddles for a while with the beast, then she turns to me, puts her hand on my shoulder and says, "Sorry!" I smile matt and immediately forget the broken cord. But the spell is broken when the others come into the kitchen. It gets a little awkward, but Agnetha quickly explained what happened.
I ask the other members of ABBA a few questions and take my photos without the flash. Later, back in the newsroom when the photographer came out of the dark room after developing my photo roll, he said the photo shoot didn't go very well.
"How bad is it?" I ask. 
"It's bad, but I will do my best, "he says.

I tried to blame the French bulldog but got no sympathy ... Much better was the course ABBA took in the SM and in the European Championships in Brighton. But also that brief moment on the kitchen floor I shared only with Agnetha ... and a hot-tempered, ill-mannered bulldog..."


How do you feel about the new Live album?

Now that the CD has been out for a while we would like to know how you feel about the 'new' live album? 

What is your personal highlight? What is the lowpoint on the record? 
And would it have been better to let someone else select the material and do the production in stead of Ludvig Andersson (perhaps releasing the Milwaukee concert is stead of Wembley) or did Ludvig do his job very well? 
We are curious what your feelings are...


Finally released: "I'm Still Alive"

I was a loser then
But I'm a winner now
I'd do it all again
Cause now I know how
How everything in life comes down to this
Surviivin' and living'
Determined not to give in

I'm still alive
My life is rollin' on
Gently from day to day
Memories will fade away,yes
I'm still alive
The agony has gone
Since my mind is slowly wakin'
And my heart has ceased its achin'

I took so many blows
I cried a sea of tears
And only heavens knows
How could I stand the fears
I think of all the nights I lay alone and scared
All shattered and cryin'
And thinkin' I was dyin'
(repeat chorus)


Finally the ABBAForum stopped!

Is the ABBAforum 'ABBA4ever' which was started up by a few fans 8 years ago forced to stop its activities due to the many copyright issues that the forum has to endure? 

Now that the forces that matter found out that many demo's from ABBA were leaked onto the forum and no action was taken by the moderators, the forum is closing down. This is a blessing since many true fans were already more than fed up with the 'rules' of the forum. (a forum that had no problem with allowing illegal material to be shared but had its moderators not allowing freedom of speech when it did not suit there personal views or benefits.) The forum has seen a decreasing number of active members since a majority was kicked off in favor of a hand full of preconceived fans. From October onwards that all will be history!